June is National Men’s Health Month and at Rauch Wellness & Aesthetics in Boca Raton, we’re gearing up to celebrate throughout the month! Established by President Clinton in 1994, #NMHW has grown into a month filled with thousands of events like ‘Wear Blue Friday’ to increase awareness of male medical issues. It’s the perfect opportunity for our trained team in Boca Raton, Florida to help local men make the healthiest lifestyle choices. Let’s take a look at some positive changes you can make now to realize a longer, happier, and more productive life

Overhaul Your Diet

Giving your body the fuel to thrive starts with a well-balanced diet that’s high in protein and fiber while low in saturated fats and sugars. According to the NHS, the average man needs to consume 2,000 healthy calories each day. Optimum nutrition will include a variety of fresh foods, including five servings of fruits and vegetables. Pay close attention to package labels for portion control to curb overeating.

Your body mass index ( BMI ) should be kept within the healthy range of 18.5-24.9. If you need help controlling your BMI, our “Clean Start Weight Loss” Program is the answer! Dr. Rauch has medically supervised over 200 patients through the process of shedding excess pounds and increasing their energy with vitamin injections. We’ve also created a cookbook with 50+ recipes like lemony garlic shrimp and moist bruschetta chicken for smart eating choices.

Make Exercise a Priority

The CDC reports that less than 5 percent of adult men participate in 30 minutes of vigorous exercise daily. Fitting physical activity into your busy schedule is essential to lower your risk for diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and other preventable conditions. Jump-start your metabolism and strengthen your core by adding varying cardio, stretching, and muscle-building workouts into your routine.

If you can’t afford a membership at LA Fitness, iX3 Fitness or one of our other many Boca Raton area gyms, then tone up with squats, lunges, pushups, and weight training right at home. Also capitalize on your summer vacation time to burn calories with hiking, biking, swimming, and more. Work yourself up to at least 150 minutes of sweaty, intense exercise weekly. Finding a fitness buddy could be a great way to keep yourself accountable.

Schedule a Doctor’s Visit

Phoning your doctor during Men’s Health Month is also highly recommended if it’s been a year since your last physical. Health check-ups are vital for taking blood tests, screening your blood pressure, checking for medical risks, and updating vaccinations. Men are notorious for ignoring symptoms, making them 37 percent more likely to die from cancer. Do yourself the favor of visiting a licensed professional instead of self-diagnosing online.

Men over age 50 especially need annual office visits to get prostate screenings and PSA testing. Though unpleasant, colonoscopies are needed every decade to decrease your threat of dying from colon cancer by 53 percent. Physicians will also track your sexual health by measuring testosterone in your blood. If levels are low, Rauch Wellness & Aesthetics provides Testopel and P-Shots to improve erectile functioning.

Need some extra guidance to improve your health and appearance? Feel free to call our Boca Raton office at (561) 391.6470, email Rauchwellness@gmail.com, or simply click the “Book Your Wellness Appointment” tab above. We’re offering free consultations throughout June to make this year’s National Men’s Health Month a success!