Botox and Fillers

BOTOX® Cosmetic is a doctor prescribed medication which is injected into muscle tissue and utilized to temporarily decrease the appearance of both medium to severe crow’s feet and frown lines between the eyebrows in men and women. BOTOX® can help you achieve a more vibrant, fresher appearance without downtime. This is why it’s often referred to as a “lunchtime procedure”. It is offered daily in our office to men ( and women ).

* How does BOTOX® Cosmetic work?

BOTOX® Cosmetic focuses on one of the fundamental factors that cause frown lines as well as crow’s feet—the repetitive muscle contractions from frowning as well as squinting over time . Your physician will inject the muscles with BOTOX® Cosmetic to temporarily minimize muscle activity. You will begin to see an apparent smoothing of the crow’s feet and frown lines between the brows .

Facial lines develop in the skin from a combination of many factors. It’s not only regarding cellular changes that may develop over time, lessening of collagen, or damage as a result of free radicals on a sunny day as well as the environment. Whenever you frown or even concentrate, the muscle tissues between the brows tighten, triggering the skin to furrow as well as fold. And when you squint, the muscles around the eyes tighten and result in crow’s feet. BOTOX® Cosmetic functions beneath the skin’s surface to target the underlying muscle activity which causes frown lines as well as crow’s feet.

* What should I expect after treatment?

Substantial, visibly good results. You might quickly see results within 24 to 48 hours for moderate to extreme frown lines, with the results lasting around 4 months .

You’ll look like yourself—only with considerably less obvious frown lines and crow’s feet

BOTOX® Cosmetic is a technique-sensitive therapy. You will most likely not lose the capability to exhibit expression if you are taken care of by our licensed , experienced medical experts in facial structure.

* What is JUVÉDERM® XC?

JUVÉDERM® XC gel is injected into regions of lower facial skin in which moderate to extreme facial lines and wrinkles and folds appear. It temporarily adds volume and smoothes the skin layers, particularly around the nose as well as the mouth . It is FDA approved to last up to one year.

A man’s facial skin loses elasticity with time and JUVÉDERM® XC will help address the lines created by gravity, the environment, and genetic makeup.


JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® XC gel is designed for deep injection in the cheek areas to remedy volume decrease which is age-related in male ( and female ) adults 21 and over. End results can certainly last as long as two years as well as supply lift in addition to contour to the cheeks .

Volume decline in the cheeks is a significant element of men appearing more aged. JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® XC will help fix this issue, rekindling a substantially more refreshing look.

Hyaluronic acid ( HA ) is a sugar that normally develops in the body. JUVÉDERM® XC as well as JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® XC fillers implement the HA nutrients to enable a man’s skin to maintain its healthy suppleness and moisture content.

* What are the possible side effects?

The majority of the side-effects of JUVÉDERM® XC are temporary not to mention last much less than seven days whenever they appear. Side effects may consist of redness, mild inflammation, soreness, bruising, itchiness, lumps, firmness in addition to discoloration.

The potential side effects of JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® XC can include any of the above and can last from two to four weeks.

* Anything else I need to know?

Always advise Dr. Rauch and his team of professionals of any additional significant information that could affect your treatment (such as allergies or pregnancy in women). Dr. Rauch should be aware of this so it may be assessed and help determine if JUVÉDERM® XC is the right treatment for you.
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