How Do You Get Over the Fact you LOVE Sugar?

Many of us in Boca Raton can relate to having had a relationship with a person who is exciting to be around, incredible for short bursts of time, but in the long run – decidedly toxic to our well-being.

The situation is not much different when it comes to our love affair with sugar. Sugar can provide moments of sweet satisfaction, instant pleasure, but in the long run sugar does not fulfill our needs and can leave us unfulfilled ( and a little heavier ). Once hooked, our overall health suffers and we pack on the pounds. We try to diet, we try to maintain our will power, but without help, dumping sugar can be like giving up an addiction – outside help may be required. At Rauch Wellness, a medical weight loss center based in Boca Raton we have discovered innovative new methods to gain control over this sweet addiction.

How did we let sugar get such a hold over us? Candy is given to us as kids at every turn. That’s where it first gets his hooks in us. An innocent lollypop here, a bowl of sugary cereal there, a bag filled with Milky Ways and M & M’s and a shake at McDonalds and we’re suddenly hooked – for life! Sweets are served all of our lives at social gatherings, including those at work. Even if we have actually managed to discipline ourselves to turn down many sources of sugar being thrown at us, we still may end up having a sugar addiction and a weight problem.

This is because of the many hidden sources of added sugar in which sugar has been added to foods such as ketchup, baked goods, even vegetables to make them last longer and make them more palatable to encourage us to want to eat them that much more. Without full knowledge of foods that contain sugar, diets fail, which makes it harder and more discouraging to try to lose weight and keep it off.

Besides packing on the weight, what does sugar actually do to us? A little bit of sugar provides needed energy. A high amount of sugar consumed on an empty stomach, such as drinking a can of Coke during a morning break without having eaten breakfast, may cause a sugar crash and then a headache. A short-term high intake of sugar spikes our insulin. If we are active, the sugar is burned up. If we are not active, however, the excessive amount of sugar is stored as fat.

With the passage of much time, a lot of fat accumulates. Often, the repetitive spikes in insulin through the years bring about Type II diabetes. High amounts of sugar increases the risk of heart problems, depression, kidney failure, and joint arthritis. It ages the skin and causes wrinkles. It can also cause blood flow problems that result in erectile dysfunction in men. Sexual arousal disorder in women can also occur.

A recent 15-year study of the effects of sugar on people showed that the people whose food consisted of at least 25% sugar were more than twice as likely to die from heart disease as people who consumed less than 10% of their diet from sugar.

What can we do about this? How do we break up with sugar? Unlike typical diets that require immense amounts of self-discipline and knowledge of health and nutrition, medical weight loss puts the doctor in the driver seat, making it more likely for you to succeed. In medical weight loss diets, such as the ‘Clean Start’ weight loss program we feature at Boca Raton’s Rauch Wellness, you simply follow the personalized program Dr. Rauch has planned out for you, under his and his staff’s supervision. There is no need to count calories, add points, or read the backs of labels. Dr. Rauch will work with you hand in hand as your partner to guide you on the path to sugar freedom and the weight loss that accompanies it.

Not only will a Dr. Rauch guide you as his weight loss patient at to what you should and should not eat, but regular appointments with him will make you feel more accountable for how well you adhere to your weight loss diet. This team effort makes it easier to succeed in getting sugar out of your system and to form good eating habits that you are more likely to stick to for years to come.