Boca Raton men receive testosterone injections

Low Testosterone

You are probably well aware of the role that testosterone plays in the development of facial and body hair, sperm production, and male libido and sexual function. You may not be aware that testosterone is also vital for overall male health, including maintaining strong bones, healthy red blood cell production, the development of muscle mass, and fat storage and distribution. Testosterone levels can also affect your energy level, the quality of your sleep, and even your mood and mental clarity.

Testosterone levels are at their highest during adolescence and young adulthood. As a man approaches middle age, testosterone levels gradually start to drop at the rate of about 1 percent a year. A variety of health conditions, including problems with the pituitary gland or the testicles, can also cause a condition known as hypogonadism in which the body is unable to produce an adequate amount of testosterone.

Symptoms of Low Testosterone:

Decreased levels of testosterone, sometimes referred to as “Low T,” can produce a wide range of symptoms. These symptoms can typically be reversed by either addressing the underlying health condition causing the drop in testosterone levels or by boosting testosterone levels through hormone replacement therapy. If you have been experiencing fatigue, decreased energy, or loss of sex drive, you may be experiencing Low T. Contact Rauch Wellness & Aesthetics today to schedule an evaluation and to find out if testosterone replacement therapy is right for you.

Changes in Sex Drive

Since testosterone is the primary force behind the male sex drive, men with low testosterone levels typically find that they have less interest in sex. Men with Low T may find that they have fewer spontaneous erections and decreased fertility. Most of our patients notice that their desire for intimacy returns to normal once their testosterone level is restored via testosterone injections.

Physical Changes

Many of the physical changes associated with aging, such as decreased energy and stamina, increased abdominal fat, loss of muscle tone and strength, increased breast tissue, and loss of body hair, can be attributed to a decrease in testosterone levels. Many of our patients say that they feel more energetic and find it easier to maintain or even lose weight once their testosterone levels are brought back to normal.

Sleep Quality

Many men with low T experience insomnia and other sleep disturbances. Many of our patients find that they sleep better and feel less fatigued as their hormone levels are restored to normal levels.

Psychological and Emotional Changes

“I just don’t feel like myself,” is one of the most common complaints that we hear from patients with low T. As testosterone levels drop, you can feel less confident, become less motivated, and have trouble focusing on daily tasks. These changes can even lead to depression. Once their testosterone levels are normalized, many of our patients tell us that their overall mood and mental clarity improve.

Treatments for Low Testosterone:

Based on your testosterone levels and symptoms, we will create a customized hormone replacement plan to get your levels back to normal. We offer a variety of hormone replacement options, including injections, gels, and pellet implants. Call Rauch Wellness and Aesthetics today to find out if testosterone replacement therapy is right for you.