It’s the time ofyear when everyone is done with being in bathing suits for the most part, days get a little slower, and we tend to get a little lax on what we are eating. With the holidays around the corner, it’s more important than ever to have easy recipes on-hand so you can create delicious meals and snacks at home whether you’re cheering on your favorite teams from the couch or an all-out tailgate.

Did you know the average football fan eats approximately a full day’s worth of calories during the Super Bowl? And some of us are eating like that during regular season.

We’ve put together a list of Man Cave Approved game day favorites to save you the trouble and the calories:

3 Bean Salad
Made with balsamic vinegar, this side is clean and perfectly easy to make.

Bacon Potato Skins
That’s right, bacon. When you lay off the excessive amount of cheese that is often piled on a skin it becomes a lot more body friendly.

BBQ Beer Can Chicken
This oven recipe cuts down on time. If you feel the need to grill, that option is here as well.

Beef and Beer Chili
Easy to make in advance, freeze any extras, and will keep you warm and happy, even if the ref’s calls go south.

Burger Bites
They’re paleo, easy to grab, and can be made into a variety of different flavors from pizza to taco style.

Nachos Grande with Chicken
Clean eating nachos? Sign us up.

Protein Packed Rice Krispies® Treats
These tasty treats are marshmallow-free, a definite crowd pleaser, and use only six ingredients.

Shrimp and Avocado Salsa
Full of flavor and made with all sorts of fresh ingredients. The best part? No cooking required as long as you have pre-cooked shrimp on-hand.

Spicy Beef Jerky
Cleaner and manlier than ever. Only 27 calories per two large strips.

Spinach Artichoke Dip
A game day staple, this one packs in all the flavor without all of the calories at only 59 per serving. Just make sure you’re serving in with healthy dippers like carrots and celery instead of a bunch of empty calorie breads and crackers.

Alcohol also adds a lot to the calorie count. Steer clear of heavier beers and opt for liquor on the rocks or with low calorie mixers like club soda or water. Garnish with lemon and stay away from tonic water and high sugar sodas.

So grab the best seat in the house and get ready to cheer your team on to victory sans the guilt. For more recipes and health and nutrition tips, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Ready to make a lifestyle change? Call our office so we can get you in for a consultation on how to become your best and healthiest self: 561.391.6470.